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Working closely with you and your advisors, Acquarius offers focused solutions to meet the needs of you and your family, including family Trusts & Foundations, Private Trust Companies, corporate entities or bespoke pension products.

Our Personal Approach

At Acquarius we believe that we are only as good as our people. We invest heavily in our people creating an environment where the delivery of excellence to our clients is paramount. Our team is highly experienced and qualified in areas of Trust and Estate Planning (STEP), Company Secretarial (CIS), Accountancy (ACCA), Compliance (ICA) and Banking (CIB).

The service is personal, expert and highly professional. You will have access to your own relationship manager who will take the time to fully understand you and your family and your collective requirements providing you with the support that you need to establish and manage your family Trusts, Family Office or corporate structures.

Life Cycle Approach

We support our clients through the entire life cycle of their structure, from incorporation and structure set-up, administration and management through to wind up and statutory liquidation, ensuring peace of mind throughout.

Private Client Services


A Trust is a traditional family wealth solution, offering asset protection, preservation of family wealth and organised succession planning.

Trust can take a number of forms including family Trusts, Discretionary Trusts, Interest in Possession Trusts, charitable and non-charitable Purpose Trusts.

We are licensed and regulated to provide a full suite of services to establish and manage a Trust including the provision of Corporate Trustees, ongoing Trust administration and Trust accounting.



Foundations are often used by families and charities for philanthropic causes. They can also be used as a family wealth solution for families that have exposure to jurisdictions where Trust law is not recognised or is underdeveloped.

We are licensed and regulated to provide a full suite of services to establish and manage a Foundation including the provision of Corporate Councillor, ongoing Foundation administration and Foundation accounting.


Company Incorporation, Management and Administration

A Gibraltar Limited Company is a simple and effective vehicle which may have numerous functions within a wider family wealth structure including asset segregation, limitation of liability and cash flow strategies.

We are licensed and regulated to provide a full suite of services to establish and administer a Limited Company in Gibraltar including incorporation, company administration services, accounting and tax compliance.


Private Trust Companies

A Private Trust Company (PTC) is a bespoke incorporated company, to act as a Corporate Trustee to a family Trust structure. It is often an ideal solution for Family Office structuring or larger wealth structures, where a family wishes to combine the benefits of a professionally managed Trust, with bespoke family governance arrangements. Family members and/or trusted family advisors may be appointed to the management Board of the Trustee.

We are licensed and regulated to provide a full suite of services to establish and administer a PTC in Gibraltar including incorporation, company administration services, accounting and tax compliance.

With our highly experienced and qualified team of Regulated Individuals we also provide corporate and family governance solutions to PTCs through the appointment of Corporate and Individual Directors to the Board.


Bespoke High Net Worth Pensions

Aquarius is regulated to establish and to operate Gibraltar based personal pension schemes. We offer non retail, bespoke structures to high net worth individuals under the Qualifying Non-UK Pension Scheme (QNUPS) regime.
A QNUPS is a pension scheme based outside the UK that qualifies for an exemption from UK Inheritance Tax.

QNUPS are particularly attractive for UK resident individuals who have reached the permitted limit of their UK annual and lifetime allowances, but who wish to make further provision for their retirement. QNUPS may also provide attractive planning for non-UK resident and non-UK domiciled individuals who may decide to move to the UK, or UK expats who may wish to return to the UK in the future.


Family Office Services

The establishment of a bespoke Family Office is becoming increasingly popular for high net worth families. Our highly experienced and qualified team can assist with all areas of set up whether through the establishment and ongoing running of a family Trust, a Foundation or Private Trust Company. We have a full suite of outsourcing services to assist with accounting, tax compliance, employment and payroll.

We can further assist with the increasingly important area of family governance, creating rules, roles and responsibilities around the ongoing management, deployment and benefit of the family estate.


Residency and Tax Status

Gibraltar offers High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) the opportunity to relocate to Gibraltar and apply for Category 2 Status (“Cat 2”). Cat 2 Individuals are taxed only on their first £118,000 of income on a worldwide basis. Cat 2 planning is particularly useful for entrepreneurs looking to break tax residency in another jurisdiction, perhaps to realise a capital event in Gibraltar.

We can manage the full Cat 2 application process and assist with all relocation formalities.


Real Estate Structures

The structuring of “immovable property” (land and buildings) has become increasingly complex over the recent years with many jurisdictions having introduced extensive regimes to capture transactions involving internationally owned real estate where the property is situated. We work with our large network of expert advisors to ensure full transactional and ongoing compliance throughout our client real estate structures.


Accounting and Tax Compliance

We have a full service accounting and tax team to ensure that all statutory obligations are met throughout our client structures. We also provide cost effective solutions for outsourced bookkeeping, management accounting, financial management and payroll solutions to our private clients and Family Office clients.



We can establish and provide ongoing fiduciary and administration services to structures set up for charities and for families wishing to execute a philanthropic strategy.

Key Contacts
Oliver Andlaw
Managing Director
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Technical Director
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Ryan Gibson
Company Management
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Denise Bonavia
Client Accounting
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We have worked with Acquarius and their Managing Director, Oliver Andlaw, for several years and have been impressed by the team’s knowledge and professionalism. Our experience has been that Acquarius take a commercial and client-centric approach to delivering solutions for their clients and work collaboratively with other professional advisers and this adds up to a powerful service offering.

Scott Homewood and Alan Kennedy

Trident Tax

Acquarius has served at Corporate Directors of Futureworld (International) for more than 10 years.  The Acquarius team has been an indispensable part of our business success, leading central functions such as corporate governance, financial reporting, legal and compliance.  Acquarius is more than just a service provider.  Under the guidance of Oliver Andlaw and Kathryn Gordon, they are a trusted advisor who is always available to provide guidance and counsel. As our business grows, we will continue to draw on Acquarius’ expertise to navigate an increasingly complex global business environment.

Louis Geeringh


We have had the pleasure working with Oliver Andlaw and the Acquarius team for a considerable period of time. The team has extensive knowledge and expertise and as a professional adviser, I have the confidence that my clients will be well looked after.

Miles Dean

Anderson Tax

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