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Welcome to Acquarius Trust Group

The Acquarius Trust Group is a collective of inter-related companies which together, offer a full range of company management and trust services:

  • Acquarius Trust Company Limited
  • Acquarius Corporate Services Limited
  • Acquarius Management Services Limited
  • Acquarius Accountancy and Payroll Services Limited
  • Acquarius Company Secretaries Limited
  • Acquarius Marine Services Limited

We are company and trust managers and provide fiduciary services under licence and regulation by the Financial Services Commission (license no: FSC00531B).

With a track record of delivering expertise in our field, we provide a bespoke service to our clients based upon individual needs and objectives. Tax efficient structures are devised to help preserve the wealth of individuals and flexibility in the use of Gibraltar companies as special purpose vehicles, parent subsidiary structures or asset holding entities assist foreign companies to effect international transactions and investment.

The Acquarius Trust Group legal arm is affiliated via our Managing Director Nick Cruz a consultant to TSN a leading law firm of solicitors and barristers.

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The Acquarius Trust Group

The Acquarius Trust Group

The Acquarius Trust Group provides corporate and related services to a global client base. Regulated by the Financial Services Commission, we manage...

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FATCA in Africa & Exchange of Tax Information

25th February

Two recent initiatives, applied to Africa, are designed to increase the exchange of tax information between jurisdictions. One is a global standard for...

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Increased fees for FSC

17th February

The Financial Services Commission in Gibraltar has published a consultation paper outlining the increases in fees. The higher fees will affect all areas...

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Cruz & Co join forces with TSN

12th February

Cruz & Co have some exciting and positive news about a strategic development that we are very confident will deliver a continued and even improved...

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Ed Milliband issues a warning to "UK Tax Havens"

7th February

With the UK general Election looming ever closer it seems anything that could be taxed or seen to be taxed without hurting the British electorate is up...

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Opposition to OECD changes to Establishment Rules

31st January

Multinational corporations are opposing new international proposals that would lower the threshold for finding that a company has a permanent establishment...

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