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Funds - Creation and Redomiciliation

We specialise in working with start-up managers to assist in the creation of funds structures. Traditionally, people tend to set up private or experienced investor funds in Gibraltar where such structures offer flexibility and choice making them suitable for a diverse range of investment strategies.

Gibraltar has a prosperous financial services economy which is highly regulated and cost effective. Combined with political stability and a legal system which is based on UK law, Gibraltar is fast becoming recognised as a blue-chip jurisdiction for fund location.

Its membership of the European Union via its relationship with the UK - together with its fiscal advantages - has resulted in a notable shift in popularity with its ‘offshore’ counterparts. This will become increasingly apparent with the advent of further international pressures on those jurisdictions.

  • The Advantages of Funds in Gibraltar

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    Gibraltar’s legislation and membership of the EU is the right choice for fund residency

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  • Why Move Your Existing Funds to Gibraltar?

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    An onshore jurisdiction with offshore fiscal benefits

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  • The Experienced Investor Fund

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    Highly versatile and lightly regulated - for the professional investor

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  • The Single Fund

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    An individual fund type for a specific purpose

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  • The Private Fund

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    For an identifiable group of investors

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  • UCITS Funds

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    Specialised investment vehicles limited to specific liquid securities

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