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Company Formation and Administration Services

As licenced trust and company managers, the Acquarius Trust Group provides a full range of formation and administrative services for Gibraltar companies depending on your requirements - from simple incorporation to providing Directors’ services and accounting.

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Governing legislation is the Gibraltar Companies Act 1930 which has been gradually refined and amended to provide a modern legal framework for all aspects of corporate formation, structure, management and winding up procedures. Further the Gibraltar Companies Act implements all relevant EU Directives.

Company Types Permitted in Gibraltar

  • A company limited by shares (public or private).
  • A company limited by guarantee with or without share capital.
  • An unlimited company, with or without share capital.

Formalities for a Private Limited Company in Gibraltar

  • A Gibraltar company can usually be incorporated within 3-5 working days upon name approval; where shelf companies are utilised, same day incorporations are available.
  • The minimum number of shareholders is one. Corporate and nominee shareholders are permitted therefore enhancing shareholder confidentiality.
  • A sole director is permitted and may be resident in Gibraltar or elsewhere. Corporate directors are also permitted.
  • Minimum authorised share capital is £100 although the standard is £2,000. There is no maximum capitalisation.
  • A registered office must be maintained in Gibraltar where the Statutory Books are kept, although meetings of shareholders and directors may be held anywhere in the world. Private companies may dispense with the requirement to hold annual general meetings
  • A company is required to file returns to the Gibraltar Companies Registry (Companies House) in respect of:
    • The Registered Office.
    • Directors and Company Secretary.
    • Allotments or Transfer off Shares.
  • Nominee Shareholders are permitted and do not necessarily need to be resident in Gibraltar.
  • The identity of the Directors and Shareholders of Gibraltar companies must be filed at the Gibraltar Companies Registrar, which is a public as opposed to a confidential register, allowing for Control and Ownership to be easily verified; and:
  • Under the EU 4th & 7th directive on company accounts, Gibraltar companies are required to file accounts at the Gibraltar Companies Registry relating to their chosen year-long fiscal period within 13 months from the chosen financial year end.
  • Companies with a turnover of less than GBP £4.8 million per annum are not required to file audited accounts, and are able to file Balance Sheets signed by the Directors of the Company.
  • Foreign companies may establish a branch office/place of business in Gibraltar by registration under Part X of the Companies Act.

Getting the right advice on company formation & administration in Gibraltar can be challenging. Contact the Acquarius Trust Group to find out more about how we can help you meet those challenges.